Airbnb hosting:
is now the time to hire a PRO?

Property management can get really tough: the hours are long and unpredictable, tenants ask the same questions over and over again in various languages, stuff gets broken and cleaning becomes a proper full-time job. On top of that you need to be ahead of competition with adequate pricing and make sure you constantly over-deliver in customer service – it is hospitality after all.
Despite that, hosting with Airbnb brings a lot of fantastic opportunities.
It creates a sufficient additional income and gives flexibility to still use your property whenever you need it as well as screen your future tenants and meet a lot of interesting people from around the globe.

The question is - at what point do you feel that operational hassle starts overweighting all benefits of being a host? Perhaps you have not one, but several places to offer and "high" season scares you even more then "dry" one? Cleaning has to be fast, efficient and cost less then the money you make on the rental. Otherwise there is a great chance your "new full-time" job will leave you penniless.

It doesn't have to be that way. Finding a property management company and letting them manage your property will save the day.
The list of benefits is very straightforward:

  • professional hosts know local demand and are great in pricing (the fact that your neighbor rents cheap doesn't mean a thing – your property will generate most income possible);
  • professional hosts work with occupancy and duration to increase rental days (you can still use your property whenever you need and benefit from less gap days in rental period. This is basic revenue management – better rented than empty);
  • professional hosts work with more channels (some travellers use and some - why not listing your place there to increase the demand);
  • professional hosts work with professional cleaners (you will never have to worry about the quality nor spontaneous bookings) and on top of that – provide hotel-quality bed linen, towels and even pillows and blankets on demand.

Management package cost on the EU market varies, but on average it sums up to 20% from generated earnings and is based on the amount of services provided. This doesn't even mean you will lose 20% of your profits – through added know-how, more efficient cleanings, pricing and occupancy management you will gain more. This means you can forget about operating your properties and continue living your life enjoying that sufficient extra income.

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