Frequently asked questions

Which plan should I choose?
With the Premium and Premium Plus plans we will take care of everything for you. You can just sit back and relax.

The Light plan helps you organise all the bookings and coordinate your staff.

Our Premium plans take care of all the physical tasks such as for example cleaning, check-in, key exchange and check-out of the guests.
    How do I get started?
    It's simple, register with "Submit property" button on the main page.
    Fill out all the details regarding your property and submit it.
    After we receive your submission we will contact you.
    The more information you provide to us, the better we can promote your property.
      I have not had any experience with home sharing yet.
      Can I still use Airhosted?
      Absolutely! We will take care of everything for you.
        Do I need my own Airbnb account?
        No, in our Premium plans you don't need your own account, we will provide it for you. If you you have your own account and you want to use it, that is also possible.
        If you don't choose one of the Premium plans, you need your own account, because then we are not involved into the whole process and cannot control the quality. But we can still manage your account.
          Why do I need my own Airbnb account for the Light plan?
          We want to guarantee the highest standards of customer service to the guests.
          If you choose Light plan, we are not involved in the whole process and don't have any control over the quality. We only provide our own account in the Premium plan.
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