New insurance for Airbnb & Co.
in Switzerland

Customers of Airhosted GmbH from Zurich can for the first time benefit from 129 CHF insurance policy tailored specifically for Airbnb and other home sharing platforms.
If you book one of our Premium plans, you can also add an Allianz insurance policy against damage to your home and furniture. Home sharing with Airhosted thus becomes risk-free for all parties involved. The insurance covers all potential damage caused by guests. Traditional insurance providers have so far regarded this as a "grey area" and have accordingly distanced themselves from third party damages. With the new partnership between Airhosted and Allianz Suisse, this is in the past.
"An accident can happen to anyone, even the most considerate guest. That's why it's great that such incidents can now be covered"
Co-Founder of Airhosted, Lukas Wartmann
No matter if the expensive vase was not stable or the key gets lost, with Airhosted GmbH and Allianz you are well protected.

When carefree means carefree.

Airhosted Premium plans are completed by the new insurance. The previous services such as guest communication and key handover are only part of the package, which includes carefree home sharing. If this service is supplemented by an insurance policy that competently supports customers in the event of damage, one can really speak of an all-round carefree package.

Rent your property and finance your holidays.

With this new solution, Lukas Wartmann, co-founder of Airhosted GmbH, wants to show that your property can be rented out during the holidays without worries and thus a large part of the holiday is co-financed: "Renting your own apartment during the holidays makes sense. With Airhosted that is possible completely without expenditure of the customer and with the new insurance product is now also risk-free for the tenants and for the owners".
Airhosted is not affiliated with Airbnb,, Homeaway.