Recommend a friend now
and earn 50 CHF or more!

Do you know someone who is about to go on holiday and has an unused apartment during this time? Recommend our service to him so that he can easily cover a large part of his rent without any effort on his part. For the recommendation there is at least 50 CHF credited to your bank account! Please read the exact details below:
Referral program & conditions:

- To join us, please fill in the form "Recommend a friend" on the start page.
- The apartment must be available for at least 3 weeks.
- You will receive your money as soon as the apartment has 3 bookings.
- The apartment must be in a place where there is a demand for vacation rental*. We are happy to clarify this for you.
- For apartments in big cities & from 4 weeks there is 80 CHF.
- For long-term apartments (from 3 months and 5 bookings) there is 150 CHF.
- For special properties, which are long-term, special conditions can be negotiated (payout on request).

* Airhosted reserves the right to refuse certain apartments
Airhosted is not affiliated with Airbnb,, Homeaway.