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7 Tips for Choosing a Management Company for Your Vacation Rental Property (part 2)

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So here we continue with the list of 7 tips to consider when choosing a Management Company for Your Vacation Rental Property and the next point you should pay attention to is:

4. Experience in the field

This business is related to a high number of domains some of which we have already mentioned so far.

It is important that the company you choose to work with demonstrates experience and possess know-how not in some but in all of them - prepare, market, advertise, rent, service, and manage a vocational rental property are only the tip of the iceberg – metaphorically speaking of course.
Be aware that in order to make this activity profitable, risk-free and sustainable you need to foresee and be able to manage much more than the above mentioned arms of the business.

We are happy to state that has a well-formed team of qualified professionals covering every aspect of the management of a holiday rental property or a fully-serviced apartment. That includes property maintenance, cleaning, property marketing, calendar and availability management, check-in, check out, customer service, and many more.

We want to stress on this again but another important benefit that the vacation rental property company should offer to your guests is a maintenance team that can be on call 24/7 and ready to satisfy every need of the guests or handle maintenance issues as they arise.

5. Competitive advantages

As a landlord, you should check and ensure you get the best services with competitive advantages that other companies do not offer or are not specialized at. You can do this by checking the management company's profile, browse history of commercial activities, reading customers' reviews, or asking other landlords that already work with them for feedback.

We at, a leading vacation rental property company in Switzerland, we can proudly get you started by stating that:

·  10000+ guests have stayed in properties managed by Airhosted
·  20+ locations in Switzerland are covered by Airhosted Fully-Serviced Holiday management services.
·  4.9* out of 5 Stars is Airhosted average rating based on guest reviews.
·  94% of guests highlighted the responsiveness we provide and the cleanliness of our properties.
·  Implementing tech automation delivering advanced services to you and the guests staying at your Holiday Apartment

6. Personal approach

Not every property is alike neither is their management, marketing, and guest accommodation needs. A property management company may excel at one thing but fail at another. And that is normal – you as landlord, should be able to detect that from far away and work with a company that is able to handle your short-let serviced apartment management form every possible aspect.

As a property owner, you should choose a holiday property management company that is experienced in handling all types of properties – for example filtered down by location, type of guests (family, couple, business), type of property, reason for travel, etc.

It is also your personal needs, concerns and expectations that mater al lot in this type of business. You might have very unusual requirements or if you are not sure about some specific aspects of the whole service it is extremely important that you make a list of those and that you discuss them at the very beginning so that both sides are on the same page.

If we go back to the previous point it is good for you to also know that at the very least, experience with managing and marketing various properties may diverse in the following types of properties.
·  City apartments
·  Holiday properties and locations
·  Mountain-based properties
·  Rural Apartments
·  Chalets
·  Villas, etc.

As stated each property attracts different types of travelers - solo, family, and business. Each has different needs and expectations before they book and choose a short-let serviced property and of course during their stay.

Airhosted’s team has experience with all of the mentioned above. Years of experience with vacation rental property management and vacation rental properties marketing has helped us perfect our vacation rental property management process in every possible angle.

7. Easy onboarding and legal terms

You need to be able to go over the process of starting to work with a management company for your vacation rental property as easy as possible.

You need to get quality answers to all the questions you have and feel the bonding at the beginning of the conversations with the company you are looking to start working with.
The whole onboarding should be effortless for you and far from complicated. Explained in simple and property explained steps.

It is also important to discuss calendar availably and occupancy at this stage. If you plan to use your property at some point in time, you should be informing on that the company you intent to work with and make sure their policy and booking projections for your apartment or villa are in full alignment with your expectations.

Of course you may also choose not to use your short-let vocational apartment at all and fully dedicate it to guests the company will accommodate. If this is the case this also needs to be set and outlined at the beginning. Also you can check if and on what terms you may change your opinion regarding that. Flexibility is important but also rasping the potentials guests and occupancy availability is a crucial ingredient in this business.

Finally, as for all the details on the legal/contract terms you enter with the company you intend to work with and make sure that all the interested are properly protected and covered in full alignment as per the discussion made – those of your potential guests, your ones, and the ones of the company. A win-win-win model will ensure success for all parties.

Contact us for more questions or information

We at Airhosted, take your home extremely seriously, your requirements and your time too! And we hope that we managed to help you focus on the most important points prior making a decision how to proceed if you plan to rent your short-term serviced apartment with a property management company like Airhosted.

That is why we invite you to contact us, ask more questions and also learn more about how we have grown so much during the last years and why many other landlords have already trusted us and capitalize on their property assets on a regular basis.

Ultimately we want to state that the services we offer fall down in the scope of managing your property A-Z, so you have the time for the things you want and love doing. More family time? Vacations? Improved business productivity? And not least additional rental income. Our team is looking forward to discussing more with you if you are interested in those opportunities.