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What Do You Need to Know When Renting Out Your Vacation Rental Apartment?

Many people own a second apartment, either because they moved out of the family home to pursue their career, personal needs or to start a family, or simply because they live in one city and work in another. Actually the reasons can be so diverse. But this is not the main essence of this article.

The core topic is focused on the fact that there are lot of empty apartments being available in Switzerland /information by which means that they are neither occupied by their owners or rented out either on a regular rental basis or on short-term rental basis as vacation homes. The trend is growing since 2009 and was also backed by UBS in 2017.

At the same time, we cannot avoid another obvious fact. That the market for the so called Vacation Rentals or short-term rentals, named as you wish, is steadily growing in the last decade.
Based on information of Statista the revenue in the Vacation Rentals segment is projected to reach US$81,143m in 2022 and the number of travelers using such services is expected to amount to 893.7m users by 2026.

Indeed, Switzerland makes no exception in that constantly growing market niche, and obviously has a lot to offer considering the enormous amount of vacant properties.

Hence at some point, if you are a property owner or a landlord of few flats, you might consider renting your property assets in order to capitalize on them, earn extra income and take full benefit from the hype in the travel industry which will even grow further on once the coronavirus pandemic fades away.

This type of business however differs fundamentally from the standard renting or letting services on an annual or longer basis that are all well known for decades and thus special know-how, expertise and time is needed in order for such an operation to be managed smoothly and successfully.

Short-term rentals, also known as "vacation rentals" could be quite the right option for you because with this this particular model you can at least double the income generated.

The first steps to start earning the extra income from renting out your property is to prepare and equip your property with the right furnishing, to marketing it effectively, to run well and the pricing modeling, to advertise it, manage your calendar and of course to service your guests and maintain your property in pristine condition.

You can do all this by advertising your property on listing websites like Airbnb, Booking and others, and run all the processes by your own, or you can trust professional property management company like Airhosted.

What is a short-term vacation rental property?

Short-term vacation rentals are designed for temporary (shorter stays), and are used by travelers for different reasons: tourism, business, education, etc.

The Short-term rentals are properties of various type that are listed on advertising websites or property rental platform that allow property owners to advertise their offerings while gaining exposure to a large number of potential tenants and travelers. Short-term leases are also referred to as "vacation rental."

Many property owners and landlords prefer this model of renting also because they can rent out their property when not occupied by them for personal use and again earn a steady secondary income. The scenarios are actually so many that if you have already come up with specific questions we recommend you to contact our team of specialists who will be happy to answers whatever queries you have.

Advantages of short-term vacation rentals

Although long-term rentals promise continuous occupancy, security and regular rent, short-term rentals offer it all and actually much more. Main advantages fall in the list of: higher income levels, more flexibility, higher control and security (as property is inspected and cleaned on much regular basis), and last but not least stands the ability to schedule (book certain period) time for your own needs of usage of the property.

If you are located far away from the property you want to operate as a vocational rental, of even if it is in the same city you live in, you can turn yourself to the services of industry experts who run all the processes top-to-bottom on your behalf, manage the property and all you need to do is to receive payments and look after your calendar so that you are regularly updated on the occupancy rates.

Short-term vacations can also be especially useful in cases where you, as a Landlords, do not want your house to stay empty while you are traveling abroad or working in other cities.
The services that such a professional company will carry out for you are quite a lot and also are indeed very time-consuming.

After all exceptional levels of services needs to be presented to the guests that will be staying at your apartments so that you gradually build up top-notch rating and become the first and preferred choice in the search results. All the details about what such services can cover can be found here at the Airhosted official website.

More details will follow in part 2 of this article. Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to stay updated for the most recent updates and news.