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What do you need to know when Renting Out your Vacation Rental Apartment? (Part 2)

With this article we are continuing elaborating on the details, insight and aspects of the main points covered in part one of the previous where we did a sophisticated drill deep down the most important pillars you need to mind and consider when renting out your vacation rental apartment or short-term rental property in Switzerland.

So let’s deep dive the points our team have shortlisted below and remember not hesitate about contacting Airhosted if you still have unanswered questions of if some specific queries arise while reading. We will be glad to help you.

1. You are making more money (the most-obvious reason)

Instead of letting your vacation property or short-term rental apartment sit idly and collect dust, you make it work for you when not for your personal use. It’s one of the greatest advantages of the shared economy principles that has surfaced in the recent decade. The Short-term rentals business model gives you the ability to earn more income on a regular basis, by renting out your property or properties (apartment, villa, chalet, etc.) on a per-night basis when it comes to pricing instead of the well-known per-month annual lettings structure. Short-term rentals help you maximize on your investment and also allow you to charge more per night than with long-term leases.

This of course comes at the stake of more additional services and management features need to supplement the service. Those can be carried by you (on your own) if feel prepared and sure on how to manage a short-term rental operations or if not those can all be covered by a professional firm like Airhosted that takes full care of the process and reports back to you while you receive regular payments.

Airhosted will analyze your rental property and most importantly its rental potential as there are a lot of angles to be considered and covered. Our specialists will design a projection on it expected occupancy rates based on our market data and will also frame up a pricing model that will be communicated and discussed with you so that you are well informed on the opportunities.

As a conclusion the short-term rentals business model allows you to charge your potential guests a premium compared to the monthly or yearly rates while actually you are providing them with the same fundamental experience as long-term renters with the main differences related to the comfort level, property equipment and customer service provided as an add-on. With less wear and tear /as the property is constancy managed, and regularly cleaned, and maintained/, and secured by a special insurance, the short-term leases can indeed help you maximize your rental income.

2. Investment opportunities

Now here comes the next important benefit that initially stays behind the curtains. But not for long. Out of experiment we can state that the benefits related to increased levels of financial income that we already touched in point one can actually and most often lead to another opportunity – more investment and investments growth potential.

If we take the real estate purchases niche for example, landlords and property owners can bypass years of otherwise generated income (if you operate the standard long-lease rentals) to enter or expand in that context and buy a second, third, fifth property, thought the faster way of accumulated funds.

The money you need on a down payment in order to purchase another property asset (that can even be a city studio which is a target market for coulees, university students and single professionals) can be indeed gather much faster if you operate your already owned unit the most optimal way through the short term rental business model.

Having stated that in 5-10-20 years period of time with the support of a bank instruction (which will be tolerating you well with the collateral you can already provide) you could have potentially created a real-estate property portfolio that works for you. It can also be a significant legacy you can leave for your loved ones and your heirs.

On another side it is not compulsory for you to go down the real-estate investments lane. There are many other investment opportunities: stocks, mutual funds, pension funds, business, etc.
Ultimately that all can only provide the single most important thing aimed: financial freedom, more funds available for personal of family needs, education of your children, travel and leisure, or other as per your own needs.

3. Regular maintenance and Inspections

If we zoom-out and see the model from a helicopter view, another important factor that you will benefit from is that your property asset (serviced apartment or holiday rental) will be regularly taken care of in a professional way.

In the short-term rental model applied it is either you or the property management company you hire to work with that is to carry out regular, check-ins, check-outs, interim inspections (if and where needed), as well as cleaning of property after and before check-in and sometimes as per the guests’ requirements, even during the stay.

That all combined results in much better, frequent and high level of maintenance of your property which would be rather loose and not that strict within the long-term rental leases.

Another important fact is that in our services framework, we at Airhosted provide full-property insurance by our official partner Allianz. Something that brings the risk-management side of the operations to an absolute high levels and gives comfort to the landlord and the services provider.

4. Access to property management companies like Airhosted

This kind of hospitality industry and this specific kind of business-model/market niche is already quite well developed. Worldwide and in Switzerland in particular. There are well-established professional firms like Airhosted that run such short-term rental property management operations for years and that have gathered excessive practical experience and know-how, a single landlord may indeed lack at the beginning.

With short-term rentals, you can let a property management company like Airhosted take care of the whole cycle needed to secure the successful start and growth of the operations: property analysis, marketing, renting out, guests communication, customer service, calendar management, pricing, screening customers, cleaning services, maintenance services and others.

In some cases, guest will have very specific questions related to the property, the area, the amenities, the city details or may also have very custom asks. It is vitally important those to be all handled professionally and with care as this component is forming a major part of the whole feeling the tenants will have of their stay.

Short-term rentals are usually and in most cases managed by professional companies that know how to professionally communicate and interact with guests, and know how to manage the commercial, and the maintenance part of the operations.

5. Flexibility

The freedom you keep for you at all times that allows you to look into the availabity of the calendar and block specific dates or periods during which you do not wish your property to welcome guests is immense.

During those periods you can use the property of other needs you might appear to have: to welcome guests of yours like relatives or family members, to use it for own personal needs or something else.

It is like a hotel expertise feeling of having your fully-prepared, well-maintained, properly cleaned and setup property waiting for you to enter and enjoy it at its max. It is an unmatched experience and indeed another great asset for you to enjoy if you decide to switch to (from conventional lettings) or start renting out your property with the Vacation Rentals model.

6. What you get with Airhosted as Short-Term Rentals Property Management Company:

We would not be exaggerating if stating that there are many reasons why you should choose Airhosted to manage your vacation rental property or short-term rental flat in Switzerland. In order to trigger your interest, we would like to list few facts and as stated before we remain available and open to any kind of further inquiries or questions you might want to ask our team.

• We provide A-Z service solution – we cover all aspects needed for the success of your operations.
• We prepare, market, advertise, rent-our and manage your property – top to bottom – A to Z.
• All our Landlords receive Regular Monthly Income
• All our Landlords have direct and instant access to the stats, the availability and occupancy info of their property
• We managed more than 100 units across Switzerland
• Our services also cover a property insurance by our official partner Allianz, for a worry free rental experience
• We achieve excellent ranking, rating and reviews (on average 4.9* out of 5.0*) for our managed properties
• We have welcomed more than 15 000 guests at the properties of the Landlords who work with us
• We implement tech automations delivering advanced services to you and the guests staying at your Holiday Apartment
• We provide Detailed Monthly Reporting
• Airhosted manage to sustainability grow throughout the years as a market leader in our industry thanks to our skilled team of professionals
• We possess years of experience in the short-term rental business operations
• And much more

In General many property owners and landlords stay away from this great opportunity because they are initially concerned that such a rental-model requires more of their time, more care and it is much more sophisticated. And they are right.

But many of them miss on the greatest piece of the whole puzzle – even if they hire a professional short term rentals property management company to take full care of the operations, maintenance and management, they will still be making much more money, have a hassle-free life and enjoy great flexibility than they would do if they have their property let on a conventional long-term rental basis which is done and managed on their own.

Of course there are more fundamental and important points to be considered but we can not cover them all in one article. If you are interested to learn more about the opportunities this rental model holds for you contact us today and we will be glad to approach your case personally and help you start earning more as many others already did.