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How to Create the ‘Wow Factor’ for Your Short-Term Rental Property

Here we come with more valuable info along another resourceful topic about how landlords and property owners can actually create the ‘wow factor’ for their short-term rental properties or vacation rentals. We would like to stress on the fact that all the derived conclusions, insights, suggestions and tips come all assembled by the team of Airhosted and are a result of years of experience in the short-term rental industry, we have obtained during all those years while managing fully-serviced apartments across Switzerland.

With this article which will be released in two separate parts we want to elaborate on the details, insights and fine aspects that are indeed fundamental and lay down the path to continuous success when you engage with the business of renting out your vacation rental apartment or short-term rental property in Switzerland.

With so much supply and “market noise” we strongly believe it is essential a certain short-term rental property to stand out with quality and unique features while always embracing the most important factor of making the guests feel at home.

This combined feeling is a result of a mix of activities and details that required your attention as property owner or landlord, so that is why our team have outlined below the points we now invite you to read through.

We also encourage you not to forget about contacting Airhosted if you have specific additional questions or doubts on specific queries that might arise while reading. We will be glad to help you out.

1. Know your Target Guests

It is extremely important to differentiate yourself from the mass market and the general USPs (Unique Selling Points) that are predominantly used to attract guests at your short-term rental apartment or vacation property.

Vital aspect of this approach is to define who you want to service as a market segment what is most important for them. And then ultimately to offer it. Are you going to be mostly serving business travelers or couples? Families or young professionals?

Only those 4 types of target guests you might think of have quite different types of expectations and needs when it comes to the process of selecting the right short-term property rental for them. And you need to be one step ahead in order to stand out and host them.

2. Make sure your property offer feelings of Good-Quality and is equipped with Durable Furniture

No this is the second most important factor that is derived from the first one. This aspect is again different to the needs of your target type of guests.

The living room and kitchen areas for example are the places where your guests will spend most of their time before heading to the bedroom to relax and enjoy a quality sleep after a long day of work, sightseeing or entertainment activities.

Choosing high-quality furniture pieces in clean, minimalistic, yet sophisticated styles are bound to impress and attract great reviews, and also recommendations. We recommend you to follow authentic, interesting but a neutral palette that can be accented with decor that mixes and matches between different patterns and textures. That will serve well much wider speck of the market and various types of target guests, also if they are only male or female ones during certain stays.

For example, glam up the whole setting of the furniture and equipment with a faux-fur blanket or a luxurious throw. Add an impressive painting or décor on the main apartment wall. An excellent way to begin for example is by selecting a sofa type and style (also fitting the apartment overall setting), then browsing many furniture rental accessories online that will work together to create a harmonious color scheme.

We would like to take this point and outline that the we at Airhosted do provide custom services in the line of organising, advising, consulting and also ordering and assembling of specific furniture or furniture sets in order to apply the insights covered in this article but also engage in much more precise and tailor-made approach for your specific short term rental apartments and vacation rentals in Switzerland.

It also comes with our vast experience, capacity and logistics abilities and means you will have a hassle-free furnishing experience while benefiting from the top-notch services quality and years of know-how in that domain our team possess. Contact us to day to learn more about this revolutionary services pack we offer.

3. Decorate the short-term rental property with texture where possible

Decorating your short-term rental apartment with a variety of textures such as wood, glass, metals, and woven fabrics for example achieve a spectacular look that is both outstanding and authentic as per the certain pattern you choose to stay aligned with.

Another excellent way to accomplish this is through lighting and accent pieces all set in fine harmony with the further and the overall setting of the vacation rental you are about to put on the market of short-term rental properties.

When it comes to creating the “wow” factor, we have to stress and underline that accessories and décor combined in the right way are the final icing on the cake to pull everything together in a cohesive design. And make your guest fall in love with all of it.

Nothing speaks of true luxury more than proper illumination. Think of ambiance. A combination of strategically placed table and floor lamps will add maximum warmth and the required lighting for work or relaxation.

Another important fact that we would like to mention here is that we at Airhosted also provide home-sharing insurance secured by Allianz. Contact our team to learn more about this services add-on feature.

Are you in doubt about the safety of your property or the cost coverage in case of damage by third parties? Thanks to home-sharing insurance secured by Allianz, you as a property owner are protected against unforeseeable costs. Our team will be happy to inform you about all possible options or answer specific questions if you have such.

4. Warm the open spaces or other areas with rugs

Now this is far from expensive feature that actually brings in tons of cozy feelings and overall comfort to any type of short-term rental apartment.

Rugs are also essential in adding warmth and texture to a room. They fit perfectly well in the bedroom for example but also in the living room depending on the type of decoration set you have chosen to stay aligned with.

Rigs define spaces and make an apartment appear larger and unique. An example of that is the set that no coffee table is complete without one. Depending on your color theme and decor accents set, consider a rug with colorful geometric patterns to add that splash of color, or an earthy textured-style layered with an animal print to create an outstanding appeal.

5. Add a touch of greenery to make the feelings aligned with nature

Last but not least for this article we would like to bring to your attention another point on a perfect way to complete the design of any room is with greenery.

Here comes the important moment we want to stress on - artificial foliage - in the specific case of short-term serviced apartments and vacation rentals you would be mainly looking at option of placing such mainly due to maintenance reasons.

However, do pay attention to that aspect - a touch of greenery can and will indeed make a nice impression to your guests and will certainly make them feel better at your short-term rental property.

Today’s artificial foliage accents pieces can be anything from abstract to whimsical adding their own specific elegance.

We recommend you to such artificial foliage that look great, fit the space you place them, enhance the overall design and feelings and most importantly are easy for maintenance.

If all those points were helpful to you stay tuned for the second part of the article where the team of Airhosted will dive deep and reveal the next points on the essential mix of tips on how to create the ‘wow factor’ for your short-term rental property.

Of course as we previously stated in our articles there are many more fundamental and important points to be considered but we cannot cover them all in one article. If you are interested to learn more about the opportunities this rental model holds for you contact us today and we will be glad to approach your case personally and help you start earning more as many others already did.