How to create an unbeatable Airbnb listing

Renting accommodation via Airbnb is convenient and very profitable. 

You set the rental period, prices, rental conditions and choose your guests. Even if you have only a spare room to rent out, it will already help you earn money and meet people from different countries. If you are out of town for the whole summer or a frequent business traveller - your property will generate income, pay for vacations and utilities. If you have additional accommodation, renting it out via airbnb can be more advantageous than renting it out over the long term. Airbnb provides guarantees for hosts, you can set your own rules and make a security deposit. 

Nowadays vacation rental market becomes more and more competitive and making sure your property catches the tourist eye is a tough job. Here are few tips on how to make the right first impression.


DON'T OVERDO WITH CAPS LOCK. We are sure your place is great and deserves being noticed, but there is no need to shout about it in the title. Too many capital letters will have an opposite effect and the listing will look shady. 

Focus on the details. Having a fantastic view, a rooftop pool, a home cinema or a cozy feeling to the place? Highlight those features to attract travellers searching for something special for their stay. 

Use abbreviations, symbols and landmarks. Airbnb offers a limited title space for a good reason. It should be sxhort, catchy and summarizing best selling points. No need to write "3 bedrooms in the heart of Bern" when the same can be achieved with 3BR in  Bern. Use the freed to mention the metro stop, tourist point or any other distinctive landmark. 


Think like a guest would think. Keep the description capacious, simple to read and appealing. You know what makes your place special – you're your future guests to see it through your eyes. 

Stick to what's important. It is really great, that you know the whole city so well and can talk about it forever. Guests that come for a short time and sometimes even for few nights don't need such a descriptive guide. But they'd for sure appreciate the location of supermarkets and parking in the area, public transport to main attractions and 1-2 local restaurants that you can really suggest. 


Professional photography. We know you read this in every single article already, but that's not a joke – it is really important. Images help support your description and give an overview of how guest would feel vacationing in your property. Composition, lighting, accessories and mainly the cleanliness of the place really need to be on high level to attract more views and bookings. Hide all cords and cleaning supplies, open curtains to let daylight in and make sure that beds are made up for the guests to check in your place immediately. 

The more the merrier. Of course having a whole photo session devoted to each peace of furniture is a little too much. But let's be realistic – if you're a guest, you want to know details. Are the matrasses comfy, where Wi-Fi is located, are the chairs in the dining room enough for the whole group, can you use laundry machines and are there any basic cooking ingredients available or you have to run to supermarket to get oil, salt and coffee capsules. 


Be competitive. You should definitely know what your neighbors are charging per night/per week. Do they have special area-specific offers or how the prices change in relation to the amount guest? Important to remember is that not only great location makes a great vacation property. It's about experience the guest will have visiting your home. You could charge more then the competition and be more successful because you have rooftop access, new furniture, modern TV with Netflix access, free parking spot etc. 

Think revenue. Every pricing strategy in vacation rental should include seasonality factor. This means you have to account for high, low and medium seasons and adjust pricing accordingly. A big event planned in your area? Plan the price change in advance to benefit for increased demand. Have more guests booking on the weekend? Try lowering prices or give special offers to fill up the rest of the week and raise them for weekend days booked separately. 

Being a successful host needs a lot of time, creativity and attention to detail. Creating a compelling and powerful listing with beneficial pricing strategy will help you get the most out of your rental and save a lot of time answering guest questions in the future.