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Local and Nation-Wide Property Management Companies – What Are the Differences?

Making a decision about who to trust on with the property management matters of your flat or entire real estate portfolio is indeed a heavy process that consists of many micro elements. Property owner and landlords across Switzerland can choose from various property management companies that offer different services models, cover certain areas and course serve different segments of the markets – long term rentals, short-term rentals, vacation rentals, fully-serviced apartments and other which all are grasped in different defined by the end client – the guests staying in them for leisure, business, or for other purposes.

Whit this article the team of Airhosted will cover the most important and key components related to the above-mentioned in the opening paragraph. We will now effectively drill down the layers of those services and will present them all in a simple, yet comprehensive way so that a decision on whether to work with a local or nation-wide property management or home-haring management services company can be made much easier and in far more optimal way.

This is the moment to also encourage you to contact Airhosted if you have specific additional questions or doubts on certain queries that might arise while reading. We will be glad to help you out.

Services stack, flexibility and 24/7 support

Now we will directly deep-dive the major key aspects that significantly differentiate a local to nation-wide property management services company like Airhosted operating in Switzerland.

  • Insurance: Always do ask for such details when selecting the future property management company, you intent to work with. The premium property management services of Airhosted for example come with a special add-on - a home-sharing insurance secured by Allianz. You can read here about the coverage we offer.

  • Managing multiple locations across Switzerland: no matter if you have one or multiple properties located in Switzerland that would not affect neither the quality nor the coverage of our services. Being a national property management company, we can be your one-stop-shop and provide all the services, solutions and know-how for all your real estate. You will not need to deal with multiple points of contact or adjust to the various service models offered by local agents or firms.

  • Investment opportunities: when you choose to work with a nation-wide property management company in Switzerland like Airhosted you can also literally cover the expenses of a new vacation home you have recently acquired and set on as a fully serviced apartment or vacation rental in Switzerland. Compared to the income you may generate form long-term rentals you would be surprised to see how much more you can earn with such a rental model utilized.

  • Reputation: our name speaks ahead of itself. Being a nation-wide property management company means we always deliver top-notch quality with our services. With Airhosted by your side you can trust a strong partner for the property management matters you will need to handle. We do care about all property owners and property owners that work with us, we always keep close contact with them and are available when needed.

  • Partners in the industry: a nation-wide home-sharing property management company in Switzerland like Airhosted holds close relationship and constant contact with a variety of business partners and suppliers like furniture companies, maintenance firms, and any other kind of company delivery services your property may need at a certain moment. The good aspect of all that is you can obtain special rates and save time on the research factor on who to work with. It all can be arrange quickly and efficiently, along full transparency and few offers provided. You will only need to choose who to work with.

  • Preparations: as a nation-wide property management and home-sharing management service in Switzerland, we at Airhosted also offer the full-set of services aimed at preparing your holiday-rental flat or fully serviced apartment for the market. Everything form furniture, décor and other details can be completely handled by us. Check out details in our dedicate article on the topic.

  • Experiences: those are also extremely important to the guests that will stay at your short-term holiday rental flat, home-sharing apartment and fully serviced vacation property. We are Airhosted make sure that we get well prepared on that front too and make sure that your property also stands out because of well-presented and properly communicated to potential guest’s tourist attractions, local restaurants, shops, fitness centers, parks and other perks. Your property will be one of many if such unique selling points are not thought of and not included in the whole offer. You can read more information on what we do in that context with our services here.

Do not also forget one of the greatest benefits of the home-sharing property management service as well – that you as a property owner can always also use your own apartment for your personal needs and when you need it will always be available to you, when booked in advance. When you arrive, the property will also be professionally cleaned. This means no hassle and more comfort for you while you also receive regular income throughout the year.

Omni-channel marketing and sales

Despite the fact that you may furnish and prepare exceptionally well your short-term holiday rental apartment in terms of décor, pictures, amenities, comfort features, pricing models, audiences targeting, and all other minor aspects that form the whole home-sharing services you might appear to be not deriving the optimal financial results out of it if you are missing out on the marketing side.

And by marketing we mean the direct channels where the short-term holiday rental apartment is listed and promoted. Where the future guests of your home-sharing apartment will find the listing published to advertise it. Coming out of all that do have in mind that having only one such channel is not enough. Such a scenario will ultimately mean much less exposure to potential clients and much less income generated.

In order to secure optimal exposure and maximum offering potential your short-term holiday rental flat needs to be listed, managed and optimized in multiple channels and platforms.

All this is valid for a single short-term holiday rental flat or for an entire portfolio of fully serviced apartments.

That is why we at Airhosted do embrace as a key fundamental feature of our services Omni-channel marketing and sales approach in order to guarantee our clients, property owners and landlords, that we have done the maximum in order to drive higher occupancy rates and thus higher income they receive per month.

This also imposes the aspect that multiple availability calendars need to be managed but Airhosted can fully control that thanks to all the software and tech applications we utilize in our daily work.

Dynamic Pricing

Another vital factor of the successful property management services aimed at short-term holiday rental flats, home-sharing apartments and fully-serviced vacation properties is the ability of the pricing model to be swiftly adjusted and respectfully managed according to demand levels, seasonality, competition, audience expectation, etc.

Again, that is aimed at effective reach of optical occupancy rates at the best possible prices that a certain market can achieve. The team of Airhosted dedicates serious attention to all that and takes a number of factors and variables when designing a certain pricing strategy.

The software and tech capabilities that Airhosted has adopted and applies in our daily work allows to offer to all our client the best solutions in that context.

Tech-driven and software-advanced services

As already stated, it is again very important to know what the property management company you intend to work with is able to deliver in terms of tech-driven and software-advanced services.

Local property management companies often do not have the ability to implement such software solutions which ultimately makes the whole cycle of the services less competitive and less efficient.

On the contrary a nation-wide property management company running short-term holiday rental flats, home-sharing apartments and fully serviced vacation properties will often utilize a number of tech and software tools that completes the whole services experience in an unmatched way. Do inquire about this important key feature when choosing your property management company in Switzerland.


Having covered such a wide and long list of points that are indeed essential for the professional and effective property management services delivery we want to stress on the fact that even if you clarify those points for yourself it is always good to also directly contact a chosen company you intend to work with and ask them about all those details.

Understand how they are implemented, what best practices can be show-cased, etc. We would also invite you to contact the team of Airhosted and discuss with our specialists all the questions or other points that may have emerged while reading this article.

We will also be happy to provide you with more details, testimonials and real examples of all the statements made in this article. Another great way to learn more aspects and details related to the short-term holiday rental flats, home-sharing apartments and fully-serviced vacation properties is to also browse and read all the other articles and industry insights available in our blog.

Stay tuned for more interesting and useful tips and information related to the short-term rentals property market in Switzerland and follow our social media accounts so that you can always be better informed and equipped with the latest industry trends and news.