Upgrade your host reputation
by upgrading your Airbnb rental

People choosing Airbnb apartments over hotels are searching for authenticity, experience and a more local and homey feeling while traveling. As a host or a vacation rental business you couldn't understand more the value of reputation. It takes two seconds for a guest to go online and leave a negative feedback that can result in fewer bookings and lower income.
Making sure your place is meeting most of the traveller's needs and there is enough attention from your end as a host will add this extra "cherry" on top and result in more positive reviews and more bookings.
Let's have a look at some additional goods and services any guest would really appreciate.

  1. Investing in good bed linens and towels. This might seem like an unnecessary expense, but it's actually the most important one. The first rule of any hotel or bnb – people need comfortable sleep. While there are various travel occasions for each guest, a comfy fresh bed is something everyone looks forward to in the end of the day.
  2. Expand the range of kitchen necessities. While salt, pepper and oil are of course fantastic to have, imagine how much more guests will enjoy your fantastic terrace with a cup of tea or coffee in their hands. Of course it is additional costs, but you could always by cream/sugar, coffee, tea and honey in bulk and save. On the other hand, this would definitely add a lot of points when it's time for them to leave a review. Additionally, if you want guests to keep the place tidy – make sure you have all the detergents and dishwashing items ready. It is hard to imagine guests buying sponges etc. while on a weekend trip.
  3. Upgrade your TV. Perhaps the weather is bad or there was a lot of running around in the city – some guests would definitely appreciate a cozy couch and a movie. We personally suggest Netflix as a popular entertainment service. In case you don't want to pay for your guests to use it there is always an opportunity for them to use their own account.
  4. Personalized recommendations. As a host and a local you know the area best. Spend a bit of time writing down some must-see attractions, shops, restaurant suggestions, your favorite bar in the city, perhaps a party that you wouldn't want to miss and a way to the closest park. Your guests will appreciate the touch and perhaps feel more "local" visiting the places you suggested. Many guests would love to have your recommendations in a simple word or pdf sent to them prior to the travel so they could include it in their planning.
  5. Devices and chargers. How many times did you have a feeling, that you've forgotten something important for your travel? Very often packing is a hectic process and a mobile charger stays plugged at home while you're already in the airplane. Providing a multiple-device charging deck for your guests will save their day and also ensure that nobody decides to borrow the charger without returning. Having a printer/scanner at home is another important upgrade. Nowadays many low-cost airlines demand having a printed boarding pass and searching for internet-café right before the flight is a real pain.
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