Wanderlust financing:
become an Airbnb host

Airbnb service changed the culture of renting apartments. It is now a convenient and affordable alternative to hotels for tourists around the world. Renting an apartment for a couple of weeks is handy for those who often stay with a partner, parents, friends or travel for business.
Renting your home to other vacationers while you are on vacation can generate you plenty of cash to continue living the dream. While there are a lot of articles online on how to travel with almost no money spent on accommodation, renting your place (especially if it is in a touristic city) will ensure you can afford flight tickets to anywhere in the world + have a sufficient base to live from. Always wanted to become a travel blogger?
As an example, a 1-bedroom apartment in Zurich, Switzerland will earn you an average of 3200 CHF per month and the same type of property in Luzern around 3800 CHF per month. There are plenty of countries where you can live for a fraction of this sum and enjoy a villa with a sea-view.
Of course becoming a full-time host is also a great commitment and your rental has to run smoothly while you are away most of the time enjoying the beach. Managing key handover, guest communication, cleanings, solving issues and doing stock-ups is a full time job.

Vacation rental management companies, such as Airhosted, are there to help and take over all those tasks for a fixed percentage from your earnings. On average the commission is around 20% and means your property gets photographed to the best standard, the listing is created and managed, the prices are always optimized so that you generate the highest numbers possible, the guests are happy and leaving positive reviews and most importantly your place is taken care of and is sparkling clean each time you visit.

Have an additional property you're not using and don't want to invest into furniture in order to rent it out? Airhosted will happily discuss taking over those tasks as well, so you can focus only on the positive sides of being a host and earn enough money to finance your dreams.
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