The host's job
behind a 5-star review

Hosting people through Airbnb is a nice experience. When guests feel comfortable, leave a room in time and praise you in a review, that's a super pleasant part. But as any other business it has special challenges at the same time. Having 4-star review afterwards, when everything went smooth is one of them… And that's not just frustrating, it's important due to Airbnb procedures. The room is in top list as long as its total reviews rating more than 4.8. Otherwise it's not competitive especially in big cities.
Very often people have such way of thinking: when spending money they expect total worthiness and even more, a cherry on the top. Mostly guests perceive rating room as 5-star literally as "exceeds expectations".
That is definitely unfair!
How can hosts deal with guests' perfectionism? Here are some non-obvious details, which raise chances of always getting 5 stars!
Clarify amenities and conditions in advance. Firstly, thoroughly double and triple check what is written on a room page. Having a smoke detector for safety or hangers in the bathroom? That could be common, but mention it anyway! Your potential guests may expect you to be accurate in every detail while booking. Some may become frustrated if they take their slippers with them, but you'll offer it after check in.
Secondly, if you're planning any extra fee, always write it down in conditions. For instance, guests with pets are allowed but with additional payment, let them know! It's really not obvious and probably can take 1 star away. Moreover be clear in case of city taxes and other mandatory area fees.

Always be friendly! It happens that due to some troubles, it's hard to wear a smile. Maybe it's just not in your character and that's totally okay! Until you want to get a 5 star review. That's really important, even if you're having a conflict situation with guests, breathe and stay friendly. In the end they will remember that you did and will appreciate that.

Find ideal details, which always impress guests. A complimentary bottle of local wine, flowers on the bed, a sticker wishing a good day, any kind of discount cards, a list with top food places and entertainment in a surrounding area. All those are real examples of how to make a guest feeling extra happy and give you an extra star in the end!

Prevent negative situations. Bad things happen we all know that. The riot may happen on your street, a tap may break down, toilet paper may end. And it's better to read that you as a host managed the problem rapidly in a 5-star review, than firstly hear about it in a 4-star review. To begin with, always exchange contact numbers and stay in touch with guests in any messenger. Next, answer questions and decide problems ASAP. Most importantly if you truly care and your guest feels it, no doubts that kindness will come back to you in a review!

Power of surprise. The last but not least! It can guarantee you an extra star if you use it right. Your guests know the space from the pictures you used to create the listing. That is what they expect to see. Surprise them with decorating that cozy corner on your balcony or show some extra effort picking nice toiletries that guests can take with. Experiment until you get a Wow effect from guests. In other words under promise and over deliver!
At Airhosted we take care of all host's tasks for you and use our experience to always get 5-star reviews!
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